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How can I manage group policies to access my firewall?

Hello all, I'm trying to access my firewall (Windows Firewall) and change the settings on it to access my Nintendo WiFi router. My computer went in to be fixed last week, and they've changed the settings to Group Policies or something so I can turn it off and use the router.;_ylt=AhCLZ24wLTXSiedVPO1ynKYJ5wt.;_ylv=3?qid=20071111074218AARQbY9

According to the guide in that link, I should be able to access Group Policy settings through mmc. When I get into that and try to add the Group Policy Snap In (step 4), Group Policy does not appear. Is it under another heading in the menu, or is there some action I should take before I can find it? By the way, I'm using Windows XP. Thanks.How can I manage group policies to access my firewall?
Start Menu %26gt; Run %26gt; ';gpedit.msc'; (no quotes) %26gt; press ';ok'; button. That's the group policy editor.

Edit: I failed to mention that if you have Windows XP Home you will not be able to access the group policy editor because it is not included in Windows XP Home. It's only available in XP Pro. You can go to the control panel and open the ';Windows Firewall'; applet and from there you can edit rules/exceptions.How can I manage group policies to access my firewall?
try in control panel--administrative--local policy.

setup there

or maybe u can try directly in firewall. go to firewall setting

How can u change the port settings on yahoo IM to make it work in a firewalled network like my work network?

My work network is protected by firewall and what not and I am unable to us Yahoo IM at work. I understand that if you change the port Nos u will be able to log into yahoo IM.what are the prot nos to be changed to and and please give step by step instructions.I am not an expert. Just a simple dude who would like to keep in touch at work as well..cheers.How can u change the port settings on yahoo IM to make it work in a firewalled network like my work network?
If they've blocked it, then you could find yourself in trouble for using it (since IM can often be used to copy files, so someone could send customer information, company documents, etc out to a friend).

Some firewalls will only allow port 80 and 443 (but it's your responsibility if they give you written warnings or worse).How can u change the port settings on yahoo IM to make it work in a firewalled network like my work network?
I know this isn't what you want to hear, but there is an increasing problem with data protection, as staff just don't get that they are a liability.

The reason some programs and sites are blocked is because they pose a threat to the security of the system where you work (viruses, trojans etc) and because they're a threat to peoples confidential info that you work with.

You wouldn't like it if your ID was nicked and thousands stolen on credit cards in your name because some muppet just had to chat with their mates while they were at work, would you? Thats why you are expected to take responsibility for what you're doing!

Need help with Windows Defender firewall?

I have Windows Vista and I'm running Windows Defender as my firewall. Every time I try to access Yahoo launchcast and play music on it, it just says ';connecting'; and I knew it was due to my firewall. After disabling my firewall, I can stream music now. How do I change the settings in my firewall so it won't block yahoo launchcast anymore? I can't figure it out.Need help with Windows Defender firewall?
Windows defender isn't a firewall dude. Your windows firewall is on your computer you just have to choose to activate it when you set up your computer. Or you can get a better firewall program such as McAfee or Norton.Need help with Windows Defender firewall?
first off windows defender is anti/virus not firewall ... second of all it sucks as well as the windows firewall . i have disabled both and have some real security ... i run zonealarm pro as well as avira /anti ..... go to and type in zonealarm there is a free version as well as type in avira and download both ... zonealarm will automatically shut down windows firewall when u download it ... do not rely on windows for any protection at all............

WHY webcam does not work behind firewalls anymore...?

that is really annoying. earlier versions worked excellent behind firewalls, even two of them. Now these new versions does not work anymore. MSN and Skype works perfectly without changing firewall settings or opening extra ports which is security risk. What ports, how many of them needs to be opened...grrrr.. Yahoo sucks nowdays... even error reporting service does not work at all. ';failed to load error report to servers'; well no one can't make complains if it does not work.. very wise. Software firewall creates dymanic rules when launching Yahoo as long as application is running but hardware firewall does not. so that is the problem. MSN messenger was same kind earlier but Live version works perfectly behind firewall.. I think yahoo has gone step backwards with this..... can anyone tell me for real how and what ports are those, not any guessing and not only persons who use some leaking so called firewalls. Thank you.WHY webcam does not work behind firewalls anymore...?
The reporting service is still there, I just tried it, and it works:鈥?/a>

(go to ';eeeks... a bug';)

I suppose your hardware firewall would be found in the router.

Now 贸pening the ports wouldnt be really wise if its just for occasional cam use.

As you still have the 2nd firewall in XP I would suggest you turn off the routers firewall for cam use (you still have XP guarding the other ports) and have it back on again after cam - simply to maintain the full hardware based protection without exception - esp as other users might make use of knowing you use cam on yahoo and might try and go for the open cam ports - sp just dont leave them open all the time.WHY webcam does not work behind firewalls anymore...?
Software firewall creates dynamic rules when yahoo is running but HW-firewall must be configured manually. I can do that if i know exact ports which needed to open...that's all or maybe just use another program for video calls

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Firewall question?

I am trying to download a movie through bittorrent and the dowload time is ridiculous. It says that if I adjust my firewall UPnP that it will make it work faster but I can't figure out how to get into my firewall to change the settings. I am using Microsoft windows 2000

ThanksFirewall question?
It all depends on who you have as a firewall I know in Windows XP you can get into the settings threw the control panel not sure one Windows 2000. It wasn't as big as ME was.

How could the firewall setting on my laptop have suddenly changed & what can I do so that I can download vids?

I have Zilla Tube on my laptop and it had worked fine but now I'm getting a message that I'm not connected to the internet (when I am) or that Firewall is preventing the download. I haven't done anything that I know of to change the settings, but I do get those Norton Virus messages that pop up all the time and I might have hit something on accident.How could the firewall setting on my laptop have suddenly changed %26amp; what can I do so that I can download vids?
you had already attack by virus so your computer already infected. run anti virus software to dis infect your computer.How could the firewall setting on my laptop have suddenly changed %26amp; what can I do so that I can download vids?鈥?/a>


Vista and slow downloads + port opening?

I cant download over 30kb/s and is bs. I cant download anything fast. How do i change settings in vista to downlaod more this faster. Also in utorrent it only allows like 10-15 peers to connect, how do i change firewall and open a port. I added utorrent to the exception list on the firewall screen

Its not my pc or internet, there fast believe me, dont ask for specs i have 3.56Ghz proc and ability to DL at over 4Mb/sVista and slow downloads + port opening?
This link is for XP but it may work for Vista:鈥?/a>

Also some dsl/cable modems have ports you have to open in them. Consult your documentation or search the model number for info.Vista and slow downloads + port opening?
I run vista and don't have the problems your describing, maybe its the computer?